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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So got meself a mirrorless camera, a headset and a portable external hdd.


To say that I’m real excited with the purchase of the Sony Nex-5N is an understatement. I mean THIS.THING.IS.AWESOME.

This eliminates my need to setup a lightbox for quick photos, take superb shots under low light conditions, plus can also take HD videos to boot.


Been playing L4D2 and Dota 2 a lot recently, games where communication is crucial. Got tired of using my headphones + mic combo so I got a Razer Tiamat 2.2 instead. This thing got 2 sub-woofer drivers hence the 2.2 naming, which makes the bass go BOOM.


I’ve been lugging my bigass external hdd that needs a power outlet and been running out of space recently.. So m’yeah.. A TB Western Digital My Passport.



Of conventions, upgrades and gunpla

Went to a cosplay convention with a couple of friends a week back, the event isn’t as big as the other cons I’ve been to but it’s still decent. Spotted quite a number of good cosplays.

Only complaint I have is that almost every booth sells bootlegs (nendoroid bootlegs are a common site) xD

Was still early.. And there were few people

Picture shows about 70% of the con area, no real complaint since there’s no entrance fee. One cosplay I wouldn’t forget is that one generic bunny girl that’s in a sexy violet dress, damn she really knows how to make different facial expressions which are oh so smexy.. xD

Next up is the newly bought XFX Radeon HD 5770 and a Western Digital Elements 1.5 TB..

My my.. It’s been a while since I really could turn every graphical options on (AA and AF anyone?). Last time I could do this was with coincidentally also an ATI video card (Radeon 9500).

By the time of this writing I’ve already finished Modern Warfare 2, damn am I impressed. Screenshot doesn’t look much but in game with the rain and amber moving all over the screen, this scene looks amazing.

Bought a large capacity hard drive for storing uh.. Stuff I get from the internet. I find it tedious to burn/store the files on a DVD-R, plus it’s easier to get files from my buddies. Already got 350Gb worth of anime/TV shows from a couple of friends.

And finally a quick WIP of the Full Armor ZZ.. What you’re seeing is about 60% of the ZZ Gundam’s torso, yes I still have to build the rest and attach the Full Armor but it’s already making the RX-178 small. xD

Not sure when the next WIP would be, I currently have tons of shows to watch and games to play/re-play.

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