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RX-0 Unicorn Gundam WIP 4

This would be the last WIP post for this build, these pictures are actually sitting in my hard drive for a week now. I’ve totally forgotten I haven’t put the pics up yet. xD

Pics of the parts put up to dry.. Yes I use toothpicks, blu-tacks and a long nose plier to hold them during painting.

The shine doesn’t show on this shot but I tell you the glossy metallic paintjob looks. Also, a last shot of the cockpit before assembly.

Did a very minor mod on the arm armor, cut off a part that obstruct movement. Left one is modded while the right arm is not (just to show emphasis on the modfied part).

I like the contrasting colors of matte blue (not painted just topcoat) and metallic red on the backpack.

Didn’t put much decals on this build just enough to make it look detailed.

Giving lots of credit to Bandai.. The head has o seam lines at all.

All I need to do now is paint the thrusters in chrome, apply decals on the weapons and a final layer of topcat. Oh a look of how the MG Unicorn looks after completion.


RX-0 Unicorn Gundam WIP 3

Originally planned on a metallic blue paintjob on the psycoframe, but I’ve used up the clear blue paint and am too lazy to go on a 4 hour trip just to buy some more.

Decided to just use the metallic red spraycan I have here. Yes I was using the chrome paint + clear blue paint combo..

Decided to mod the legs for better articulation, nothing fancy was done aside from me cutting/chipping parts that hinders the movement.

Right one is the modded leg while the other still is not..

Parts of the unmodded leg just waiting there, topcoating this thing is a real pain.. Had to spray it by each piece cos the armor has matte topcoat while the psycoframe has gloss.

Yes those parts are semi-transparent.. Not sure what to call the paintjob but it looks like candy red?

Label on spraycan says metallic red but I’m not too sure..

I’ve already painted this leg and the shield in metallic blue before scraping the initial plans.. So yeah, they’re not semi-transparent anymore.

Took a quick shot of upper body in Unicorn mode, I won’t transforming this anymore once painted. Sliding kinda scratches the psycoframe’s paintjob.

A shot of the unmodded leg just sitting there, still not in the mood to cut and snip the obstructing parts.

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam WIP 2

A small update on the MG Unicorn Gundam, painted the psycoframe into a metallic blue.. Topcoat everything else in matte and applied the decals.

No primer or basecoat, just simply painted it in chrome then used a Tamiya clear blue spraycan.. Not as shiny as I’ve expected but it works.

As expected of a “Ver Ka.” MG, this thing is spammed with decals in every nook and cranny (not that I’m complaining). Applying the decals is one of my fave things to do.

For any idiot out there complaining that Katoki puts in too much decals, you aren’t required to apply them all y’know.. And don’t say “I hate applying them but it doesn’t feel like a Katoki kit w/o them”. Goddamn fags..

I am skipping some decals though, would only apply enough to give it more depth..

Left the backside of the psycoframe in chrome colors, that way it looks like the psycoframe is turned off when in Unicorn mode.

P.S. Will probably post my finished gunpla in galleries soon..

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam WIP 1

Looking back at it now it’s really been months since I’ve last posted a WIP. Finished snap fitting this thing way back in May, no real excuse for not posting soon.

After working at the relics that are Full Armor ZZ and GP01 FB I finally have returned to working on something that has a real inner frame.. And by god the feeling of amazement in Bandai’s engineering was felt again.

Another thing I love about a plamo having a full inner frame is that you can readily disassemble the armor parts for an easy paintjob or topcoat.

The torso without any of the armor.. Damn do I hate the clear hot pink the psychoframe comes with. Will just have to buy a Tamiya Clear Red sometime.

Sliding the armors to transform this thing into Destroy Mode was a bit tricky at first, buy yeah you’d get the hang of it after a while.. That is by far an impressive feat yet again by Bandai.

P.S. Not sure whenever the next WIP for the FA-ZZ will be posted (planning lots of stuff for it, including pla-plating).

The beast of possibility

Yes an MG Gundam Unicorn Ver. Ka.. :3

Working with older kits like the GP01 FB and tha FA-ZZ  (which was released on 1997 and 2000 respectively) has really made me appreciate this one (released on 2007).

Everything looks awesome.. From the minimalistic white design of the Box, the quality of the plastic, downright to the manuals. One thing I don’t like though is that the psychoframe is in clear pink xD

I did choose between this and a Zeta Gundam 2.0, decided not to buy any and walk out of the store even though they were having a 20% sale on the gunpla.

Returned a day later only to find out that the 20% sale was only on the previous day and lost the chance to get another 600 JPY off the price tag. xD

Full Armor ZZ Gundam WIP: Limbs and backpack

Been doing a lot of gaming and watching anime these past few days that I’ve forgotten altogether to post a WIP when I finished the arms and backpack.

I’m really liking the overall design of this gundam, no inner frames at all though. Just armors over another armor.

The only part in this WIP that has the Full Armor parts equipped, don’t expect the arms to be any more bulkier than this. Lol

This backpack pretty much reminds me of the G-Defenser.. If they’ve added a bit more details and its own cockpit it could be a unit itself.

Spent a total of 11 hours building what you see above. Weapons and extra armor still aren’t built, then there’s also the painting and topcoat. xD

Full Armor ZZ Gundam WIP: Head and Torso

Spent another 2 hrs on this guy and got the head and skirt built.

This be an old kit so the torso doesn’t have any inner frames but it’s engineered nicely though. You just have to built the armor over another armor xD

Slapped the core block inside instead of the core fighter. Yeah the core block looks dull, I’m not complaining though.. It won’t be seen once the gunpla is built.

Err.. That’s pretty much how ZZ’s skirt would look like, for anyone who owns an actions base you would notice that the skirt’s connector is design similarly to one.

Overall I’m not regretting buying this first over the Zeta Gundam 2.0, though I’m painting this one in another color.. Thinking of going either something similar to a FAZZ or a Nu.

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