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1/8 Senjougahara Hitagi by Kotobukiya

Finally, the painted model by Kotobukiya.. Damn, I must say she looks damn gorgeous.

For anyone wondering she’s from the anime series entitled ‘Bakemonogatari’..

No release date yet but I definitely would not miss buying her, already asked a fellow comrade to preorder her for me.. xD

I must say as much as a gunpla nut I am, I’d choose this figure over any gunpla.

~ooh.. Lacy undies xD

Images from akibahobby.


Damn Hitagi

And so with the recent happenings from WonFes I find myself really allured by a certain Senjougahara Hitagi.. There are two incarnations of her that caught my eye but I’m currently leaning towards the one by Kotobukiya.


Not really liking the look on her face in GSC’s version but those stationary falling out of her skirt makes it look much more seductive..

Good Smile Company

For those that doesn’t know I’m really that into her and is seriously buying her over any gunpla.. :X

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