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Holy smokes Batman..

Not really sure what kept me from posting any updates. Started working almost a year ago but it’s not that hectic as some of the people my age has whined and bitched about. Sure it is stressful at times but meh, you can get through it.


Can’t believe I haven’t blogged for over a year, from the looks of it I haven’t finished posting about how the MG Unicorn is finished.

I am now planning on building the MG FA-ZZ Gundam, thinking about pla-plating it but not too much. Repainted the 1/100 Astraea and applied weathering on the MG Zaku II 2.0, finally I’m satisfied of the gunplas I’ve built.


Talking about gunplas, last one I bought was the MG Unicorn Gundam and gogdamn that was over 2 years ago. Main reason is I’ve switched to buying some animu figures.

A theme alert here, both Homura and Senjougahara is voiced by Chiwa Saitou and Nagato is reminiscent of Eva-00’s pilot Rei. LOL


Gunpla Supplies

In need of new apparel last week and what better way to motivate myself to go through the usual 4 hours of commute (going to and back) is to buy some gunpla supplies.

So I got myself a scriber, plastic cement, decal setter, weathering marker and some putty. The decal is bought a couple of months ago but I totally forgot about it.. It wasn’t until I was rummaging through the photobooth that I found it tucked away there. xD

Also started working on the ZZ Gundam’s head and removed the seamline.. I’ve arrived home with the supplies (also with a new bag and shoe, no clothing though). BAM! I’m not sure but that instant the passion on building plamos just flared back.

The beast of possibility

Yes an MG Gundam Unicorn Ver. Ka.. :3

Working with older kits like the GP01 FB and tha FA-ZZ  (which was released on 1997 and 2000 respectively) has really made me appreciate this one (released on 2007).

Everything looks awesome.. From the minimalistic white design of the Box, the quality of the plastic, downright to the manuals. One thing I don’t like though is that the psychoframe is in clear pink xD

I did choose between this and a Zeta Gundam 2.0, decided not to buy any and walk out of the store even though they were having a 20% sale on the gunpla.

Returned a day later only to find out that the 20% sale was only on the previous day and lost the chance to get another 600 JPY off the price tag. xD

Of conventions, upgrades and gunpla

Went to a cosplay convention with a couple of friends a week back, the event isn’t as big as the other cons I’ve been to but it’s still decent. Spotted quite a number of good cosplays.

Only complaint I have is that almost every booth sells bootlegs (nendoroid bootlegs are a common site) xD

Was still early.. And there were few people

Picture shows about 70% of the con area, no real complaint since there’s no entrance fee. One cosplay I wouldn’t forget is that one generic bunny girl that’s in a sexy violet dress, damn she really knows how to make different facial expressions which are oh so smexy.. xD

Next up is the newly bought XFX Radeon HD 5770 and a Western Digital Elements 1.5 TB..

My my.. It’s been a while since I really could turn every graphical options on (AA and AF anyone?). Last time I could do this was with coincidentally also an ATI video card (Radeon 9500).

By the time of this writing I’ve already finished Modern Warfare 2, damn am I impressed. Screenshot doesn’t look much but in game with the rain and amber moving all over the screen, this scene looks amazing.

Bought a large capacity hard drive for storing uh.. Stuff I get from the internet. I find it tedious to burn/store the files on a DVD-R, plus it’s easier to get files from my buddies. Already got 350Gb worth of anime/TV shows from a couple of friends.

And finally a quick WIP of the Full Armor ZZ.. What you’re seeing is about 60% of the ZZ Gundam’s torso, yes I still have to build the rest and attach the Full Armor but it’s already making the RX-178 small. xD

Not sure when the next WIP would be, I currently have tons of shows to watch and games to play/re-play.

Prelude to building a monster

Been too busy with college that I didn’t notice I haven’t posted a single entry for this month. Here comes the newly bought gunpla, the MG Full Armor ZZ Gundam.

I find it funny that once again I skipped buying a ver. 2.0 for an older gunpla. The first was the MG GP01 FB over the MG Gelgoog 2.0, now this over an MG Zeta Gundam 2.0.

Compared with normal sized mobile suits like the Mk-II and Zaku II the Full Armor ZZ Gundam’s box is really huge! Comes with 31 runners at that.. xD

For anyone wondering.. I haven’t forgotten about the photoshoot/review of the GP01 and RX-178 Mk-II, will do it whenever I’m in the mood.


Went out yesterday to buy gunplas.. Spent about five hours looking through  5 malls though I only bought a single MG and an action base.

This could’ve been a Gelgoog 2.0 but I was not really feeling building another Zeon MS after the Zaku II, also planned on buying a F91 or GP03 alongside this but decided otherwise.

Saw another dude buy an MG Blue Frame and said to his aunts/mother that he’s saving up for something then pointed at the PG 00 Raiser.

Their reactions was quite funny when he said how much it costs and how big it would be.. One was like “How can something that size cost so much”. xD

Went to another store where I saw a kid buying 1/100 Seravee, kid knows his gunpla.. :3

Though the mother was asking that the store attendant build the kit in an hour, even claimed that they bought a gunpla on some store and that the said feat was accomplished.

Char’s Zaku II

Was at the mall earlier, looking for some gunpla.. I was in this store and the moment I took a MG Char’s Zaku 2.0 off the shelf one of the store attendants blurted out “status single”.


I let it slide ’cause it’s such a hassle confronting him, I might just be paranoid or something and he didn’t say it to me directly.. Idiots like him are like online trolls that should be ignored instead, they’re not just worth it.


And oh.. Also bought a cutting mat, x-acto blades for my previous one that broke and some tracing paper for my diy macro photo studio. The attendant (female) at the bookstore was really nice, a nice change from what you’d usually expect from rude/lazy store attendants here.

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