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Mass Effect 3: VGA 10: Exclusive Debut Trailer

Finally.. A glimpse of what’s in store for us in Mass Effect 3. From the look of things it instantly picks off where Mass Effect 2 has left off, the reapers coordinating attacks against everyone in the Milky Way.


3 months with no post

No I’m not dead or anything .. Just been doing lots of gaming and some procrastination. I do emphasize the LOTS of gaming part though.

NBA 2k10 – Yeah I’m an NBA fan.. First played NBA Game was NBA Jam for Sega Genesis back in ’95. Would play exhibition games of 8 minutes each quarter. Nothing too fancy no Playoff or Dynasty modes (yes I don’t like the idea of playing the same team over and over). And this is a way better game than EA’s Live/Elite.

Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 – What can I say, everything about Mass Effect is superb.. The story, character interactions, its universe in itself, voice acting, OST. I couldn’t really say anything more from what every game review site has said. Spent a good 30 or so hours on each game playing the very basic soldier class on Hardcore difficulty.

I particular love the codex part of the game.. Gives you much info about everything about the game’s story. From the alien races down to the technology used.

Dragon Age: Origins – I’m not really a big fan of medieval themed games but this one is also made by BioWare, so yeah I just had to dig in. And I previously thought the character interactions in the Mass Effect games were good.. This one proved me wrong, the conversations really branches out and being nice alone is not enough to gain a companions respect.

Gameplay is really fun especially when you need to use tactics when facing another group of enemies. Finished my first playthrough on roughly 60 or so hours, played as a dual weapon wielding warrior with the diffifulty set to hard.

Dead Space – I’m still at the start of chapter 3 and I don’t think I’ll be going anything further soon. And I must confess I’ve played my share of horror games but I’d always never finish them. I’m not sure but I think the problem stems from my absolute dislike of being a human character and playing against abominations, its the feeling of surprise you get when they do something you’d not expect.

So if I ever get through this game it’ll be a personal accomplishment.. Finishing a game from the horror genre lol. (And yes I’ve played and finished all of Half Life 2 and its episode 1 and 2).

Final Fantasy X – Anyone reading this might wonder.. Why an old game like this. Well I’ve played all the three earlier Final Fantasy games (from the PS1) and got really into it and I never really got a PS2 back then. I’m not really gonna say much here ’cause I’m planning on writing a full article about this one soon.

Well there it goes.. The whole list of games I’ve played the last couple of months that’s keeping me from finishing the MG FA-ZZ and MG Unicorn. Already finished snap fitting FA-ZZ but re-doing the photoshoot ’cause I didn’t notice the lighting was a bit off, first WIP for Unicorn would prolly be posted by sometime this week.

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