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Went to the mall the other day with a couple of buddies (eight of us) to eat out and watch a movie. A certain buddy of ours had just celebrated his birthday and is treating everyone for the day. We had our meal in this all you can eat resto that serves “local”, Thai and Japanese cuisine.

It’s a little funny when we were picking out which movie to watch, considering we’re a generation that relies on the internet most of the time. Nobody bothered to check out what’s a good watch. Well aside from Harry Potter and Narnia (which some have already seen).

Someone suggested Saw The Final Chapter (good lord there’s another Saw movie) but almost everybody agreed that it’s not worth watching it on the big screen. Another one said “Skyline” but we would wait an hour or so cos the movie has already started. Finally everyone agreed to watch monsters cos a we saw a trailer of it near the ticket stands and one review says “Awesome!”.

Long story short, most of the group is disappointed of the movie. They were groaning that it was a tad short and where the heck is the frakking “pew pew” and explosions. I did a mental note and scored the film 6 out of 10 before leaving my seat.

I don’t know about them but I do think this was a good movie . Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able did a convincing job of portraying their respective characters. It’s not over the top performance but it works. An added bonus for me is that Andrew is a photojournalist (which I kinda want for a job).

And did I mention Whitney looks hawt with her smexy short haircut.. She speaks in Spanish almost a quarter of her dialogue, which is also a nice touch.

The setting feels oh so right for a sci-fi film, the alien ravaged post apocalyptic look of both USA and Mexico. The army operations all over the place.. Tanks, planes, destroyed buildings and whatnot.

Do I love the part where they wear gas masks.. <3

For anyone wondering.. Is this worth watching?

All I can say is if you really like the sci-fi genre, don’t mind all the talk/character interaction and the lack of visual effects then by all means yes.. You really should watch this movie.

Also keep in mind that his film’s budget is just $500,000, about 90% of the filming the crew comprised seven people transported in one van or just read this wiki article on how the production went down.


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