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The Day of the Unicorn

Will just be sharing a summary and my thoughts  on the newly released OVA of Gundam UC, I’ll apologize firsthand if there’s gonna be discrepancies on the information.

WARNING: The following post will have spoilers not only from Gundam Unicorn but also from other shows from the UC Timeline..

Thread forward at your own risk.

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Gundam UC

It’s amazing what I’ve found today while procrastinating and instead of actually finishing my Integral Calculus homework xD

Above is a new trailer from the the Gundam Unicorn OVA.. I know this is an overused phrase but this OVA would really be epic. The trailer shows new footages of the (Stark) Jegan, ReZEL, Kshatriya, Geara Zulu and a tank-like mobile suit in action Loto.

What I can’t wait even more for is the OVA’s theme song ‘Ryusei no Namida’ sang by Kuriyama Chiaki (in her singing debut at that) which will be released in the 24th of February 2010.

Edit: Already found the theme song leaked somewhere on the internet, this will have to do until it’s officially released (for anyone who’ll be asking for the link.. Ask Google instead ;D).

Renai Circulation

Finally my much sought after full version of Nadeko’s song is released.. I tell you this is not the looped version, listened to it myself before posting.

Hanazawa Kana is one of my favorite voice actresses (or seiyuu if want), this is the first time I heard her sing and I must say she did quite a fine job.

And did I tell you that the song just screams of cuteness? (。¯‿ ‿ ¯。)

P.S. In case you’re wondering Hirano Aya isn’t part of the list of my fave seiyuus..

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