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RX-0 Unicorn Gundam WIP 3

Originally planned on a metallic blue paintjob on the psycoframe, but I’ve used up the clear blue paint and am too lazy to go on a 4 hour trip just to buy some more.

Decided to just use the metallic red spraycan I have here. Yes I was using the chrome paint + clear blue paint combo..

Decided to mod the legs for better articulation, nothing fancy was done aside from me cutting/chipping parts that hinders the movement.

Right one is the modded leg while the other still is not..

Parts of the unmodded leg just waiting there, topcoating this thing is a real pain.. Had to spray it by each piece cos the armor has matte topcoat while the psycoframe has gloss.

Yes those parts are semi-transparent.. Not sure what to call the paintjob but it looks like candy red?

Label on spraycan says metallic red but I’m not too sure..

I’ve already painted this leg and the shield in metallic blue before scraping the initial plans.. So yeah, they’re not semi-transparent anymore.

Took a quick shot of upper body in Unicorn mode, I won’t transforming this anymore once painted. Sliding kinda scratches the psycoframe’s paintjob.

A shot of the unmodded leg just sitting there, still not in the mood to cut and snip the obstructing parts.


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