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RX-0 Unicorn Gundam WIP 2

A small update on the MG Unicorn Gundam, painted the psycoframe into a metallic blue.. Topcoat everything else in matte and applied the decals.

No primer or basecoat, just simply painted it in chrome then used a Tamiya clear blue spraycan.. Not as shiny as I’ve expected but it works.

As expected of a “Ver Ka.” MG, this thing is spammed with decals in every nook and cranny (not that I’m complaining). Applying the decals is one of my fave things to do.

For any idiot out there complaining that Katoki puts in too much decals, you aren’t required to apply them all y’know.. And don’t say “I hate applying them but it doesn’t feel like a Katoki kit w/o them”. Goddamn fags..

I am skipping some decals though, would only apply enough to give it more depth..

Left the backside of the psycoframe in chrome colors, that way it looks like the psycoframe is turned off when in Unicorn mode.

P.S. Will probably post my finished gunpla in galleries soon..


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