RX-0 Unicorn Gundam WIP 1

Looking back at it now it’s really been months since I’ve last posted a WIP. Finished snap fitting this thing way back in May, no real excuse for not posting soon.

After working at the relics that are Full Armor ZZ and GP01 FB I finally have returned to working on something that has a real inner frame.. And by god the feeling of amazement in Bandai’s engineering was felt again.

Another thing I love about a plamo having a full inner frame is that you can readily disassemble the armor parts for an easy paintjob or topcoat.

The torso without any of the armor.. Damn do I hate the clear hot pink the psychoframe comes with. Will just have to buy a Tamiya Clear Red sometime.

Sliding the armors to transform this thing into Destroy Mode was a bit tricky at first, buy yeah you’d get the hang of it after a while.. That is by far an impressive feat yet again by Bandai.

P.S. Not sure whenever the next WIP for the FA-ZZ will be posted (planning lots of stuff for it, including pla-plating).


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