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The Day of the Unicorn

Will just be sharing a summary and my thoughts  on the newly released OVA of Gundam UC, I’ll apologize firsthand if there’s gonna be discrepancies on the information.

WARNING: The following post will have spoilers not only from Gundam Unicorn but also from other shows from the UC Timeline..

Thread forward at your own risk.

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Damn Hitagi

And so with the recent happenings from WonFes I find myself really allured by a certain Senjougahara Hitagi.. There are two incarnations of her that caught my eye but I’m currently leaning towards the one by Kotobukiya.


Not really liking the look on her face in GSC’s version but those stationary falling out of her skirt makes it look much more seductive..

Good Smile Company

For those that doesn’t know I’m really that into her and is seriously buying her over any gunpla.. :X

GP01 Gundam “Zephyranthes” Full Burner WIP 6

Finished painting everything (skipped the inner frame because that’s just a waist of paint).. Still has to apply the decals and do the panel lines.

Had tons of mistakes on this guy, good thing I kept my cool and calmly tried to fix them all up. Now isn’t that noticeable unless you really look for them.

Still have to paint the insides of the verniers red, initial plan was them to be in gold but unfortunately I ran out of it..

Am too cheap to buy a new can just for the verniers. (Yes, I’ll be doing some masking for the shoulder armors and white part thingy).

Not really liking the decals/clear stickers that came with this kit (too big for my taste), will use the leftovers from the Zaku II and Mk-II..

P.S. Next update would be the full review alongside the photodump, would be done by the 2nd week of March at the earliest.

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