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Went out yesterday to buy gunplas.. Spent about five hours looking through  5 malls though I only bought a single MG and an action base.

This could’ve been a Gelgoog 2.0 but I was not really feeling building another Zeon MS after the Zaku II, also planned on buying a F91 or GP03 alongside this but decided otherwise.

Saw another dude buy an MG Blue Frame and said to his aunts/mother that he’s saving up for something then pointed at the PG 00 Raiser.

Their reactions was quite funny when he said how much it costs and how big it would be.. One was like “How can something that size cost so much”. xD

Went to another store where I saw a kid buying 1/100 Seravee, kid knows his gunpla.. :3

Though the mother was asking that the store attendant build the kit in an hour, even claimed that they bought a gunpla on some store and that the said feat was accomplished.


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