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Zaku II 2.0 WIP 4

Spent the last three days painting the armor (forgot to attach the shield).. Still waiting for the spiky things on the shoulder and the verniers to dry.

Will not be painting the backpack, torso and skirt. Like the colors enough to leave it alone and just apply topcoat.


Also made dents and some chipped armor here and there with an x-acto knife..



Zaku II 2.0 WIP 3

Finished building the whole thing, looks nice but a bit plain.. Will try to put some dents and damage on it next.


And here’s a 1/100 scale Char Aznable..


Not really digging the light red color on this one, almost looks like pink depending on the lighting conditions.. Shown below is the hue which I’ll be painting on it.


The lift that’s included on this kit, I always like it when a gunpla has an extra or two in it.. :3


The weapons looks pretty dull without the decals.. Sucks that the heathawk (axe) is only molded in one piece, might as well paint the blade and the tubes.


Zaku II 2.0 WIP 2

Here’s what I’ve built so far.. All that’s left are the hands, leg armor (left leg) and the weapons. Also doing some very minor battle damage on this one, weathering too and matte topcoat..

The lighting in the pictures turned out to be a bit dark, this actually looks more pinkish than the light red you’re seeing. Edited the lighting..


The Zaku wondering why the hell would someone build the whole upper body without the hands.. Lol


A view of the unfinished leg.. This kit actually looks good even without armor, gives you a  mechanical look of sorts.


The shoulder pad and the shield movement feels kind of flimsy, the skirts also.. Though it could be easily fixed with a coating or two of some topcoat (on the joints). And finally some interaction with my previous gunpla, the Mk-II


Zaku II 2.0 WIP 1

I promised myself to keep a work log for every gunpla kit I made (starting with the Zaku II).


First non gundam kit I’ve built, it does feel refreshing.. I’m amazed at how well the inner frame is designed, so much details and everything is like clockwork (will do a post about the inner frame after I finish building everything).

I had a hard time on the tubes, it’s so freaking hard to remove them from the frames (my thumb and index finger is kind of sore right now XD).

Glad that bandai included a two head (tops) and two antennas, you could choose whether you want a commander type or a regular one..


I’m pretty amazed that the mono eye moves when you turn the head of the Zaku.


They did a very good job on eliminating the seam lines from the torso’s armor, there’s none at all.. And the little/subtle details really brings out the depth of the model.

Gotta love the Minovsky ultra compact fusion reactor (though it’s gonna get covered).. :3


And that’s about it.. Btw this is just an OOB build still planning if I should do some minor battle damage (will surely do weathering on this), the tubes on the waist already has a matte topcoat.

P.S. Will updated the pictures tomorrow..

Char’s Zaku II

Was at the mall earlier, looking for some gunpla.. I was in this store and the moment I took a MG Char’s Zaku 2.0 off the shelf one of the store attendants blurted out “status single”.


I let it slide ’cause it’s such a hassle confronting him, I might just be paranoid or something and he didn’t say it to me directly.. Idiots like him are like online trolls that should be ignored instead, they’re not just worth it.


And oh.. Also bought a cutting mat, x-acto blades for my previous one that broke and some tracing paper for my diy macro photo studio. The attendant (female) at the bookstore was really nice, a nice change from what you’d usually expect from rude/lazy store attendants here.

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