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I’m home

Went to the province and spent the last few days there since it’s the last week before Easter.


Stayed over at my grandma’s, I did survive somehow since I’m blogging now. Lol

Can’t do stuff I usually do when I’m at my grandma’s ’cause there’s no PC meaning no internetz! Did bring my trusty iPod Touch though and re-watched some anime.. I don’t entirely dislike staying there, I could spend time with my cousins and  grandma or some of my aunts would give me money before we leave and go back home. ZOMG! Gunpla funds!

img_0131 img_0136

Grandma kind of owns a property near the beach and we went there to clean up since some of our guests neighbors from the city are coming to stay over. Took some random shots of the electric meter and the laundry..

The electric meter is so rusty huh.. I blame you salt water!

img_0138 img_0139

Went near the shore and sat under a tree, took some pictures of the beach and of the people there..

Those people are unaware that I took pictures of them. *evil laugh*

img_0140 img_0146

img_0143 img_0147


Also took pictures of the cottages and the huts nearby..

img_0142 img_0152

img_0153 img_0155

Me and a cousin of mine went to a procession of sorts. It’s good Friday, yeah Jesus is dead and all.. I’m pretty sure Roman Catholics would understand what we’re doing.

img_0158 img_0159


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